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[IP] Alcohol question

     I always thought one was supposed to drink at least five ounces of 
     strong alcholic beverage prior to inserting a new site or taking a 
     syringe in order to insure that no unwanted bacteria were anywhere 
     around the body able to cause potential damage.  
     This is the only bad thing about the pump: I've had to cut my drinking 
     from five or six a day to every other day or so.
     Seriously: I have been told by a number of Nurses who were themselves 
     diabetics that using alchohol swabs prior to a shot or blood test is 
     pretty rediculous unless one wants to spend 20-30 minutes MINIMUM 
     preparing the site this way.
     In 20 years of pumping and a little longer finger testing I've had no 
     infectious sites from pump or finger sticks.  I have never alchoholed 
     my fingers and only alch'd my tummy for the first year or three (when 
     I also use to ICE it to help needle go in with less problems from 
     bleeding till I discovered it didn't reduce it (since I didn't bleed 
     even without the ice)).
     I would imagine that each person should do what works for them not 
     what works for me.  Don't forget: us dinasours that are still around 
     forget to get extinct so you cannot really use us as a measure of 

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