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[IP] Before and after diabetes

     I am curious about this question myself.
     I was diagnosed at 25 months (just over 2 years old) and so have no 
     memory of 'pre' days.  
     I've spent the majority of my life living and dealing with diabetes, 
     have at one time (almost 19 years ago) lost vision in both eyes and 
     have been pumping ever since (19 years this coming June)!
     I don't feel depressed about diabetes but I do feel that the 'funny' 
     swings of sugar and resultants bounces DO have more than just an 
     immediate effect on a person.
     I've been taking Prozac for the last few years to keep my mood 
     'adjusted'.  When my sugar gets too high or too low (or changes too 
     much in a short period of time) i go completely haywire for hours or 
     even days.  The Prozac hasn't cured this but at least allows my family 
     and myself to live with it.
     I don't know if anyone else gets these crazy moods and nutsyness but 
     I'm very interested if anyone else does and how they deal with it.
     Please copy any e-mail to list to me private.  I'd like to get an idea 
     if its one of me, six of us or many many of us and then between 
     who-ever there is of us maybe compile what we know between us.
     thank you
     email @ redacted
     Yerachmiel Altman

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