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Re: [IP] Predisposed to diabetes-lab tests?

In a message dated 2/17/99 8:22:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted

<< The test that is most nationally known is the Diabetes Prevention Trial
 We had both of our other "undiagnosed" children tested at our Pediatric
 Endorcinologist's office.  Thankfully, at the current time both children test
 negative for the specific antibody they are checking for. >>

Hi everyone, 

        I'd like to add a little input on this test.  Not to upset or
disappoint anyone, just as a caution.  I have 4 kids.  My youngest son was
dx'd 3 years ago at age 5.  Just last year we had this test done for the rest
of the family.  EVERYONE turned up negative.  Even my other son who was
already dx'd as "glucose intolerant" six months before.  He was showing high
sugars postprandial, and subsequent tests showed he was not producing
sufficient amounts of insulin to keep up with the carb loads.  In a nutshell,
he was in the earliest stages of diabetes.......Several months later my other
son who tested negative, was also dx'd in the very early stages.  Both are on
once a day Ultralente to delay the onset, and since then they are doing well.
Their blood sugars are not perfect, but they are better than they were prior
to the intervention.  I could not fathom how they tested negative, yet both
developed the disease.  Our endo explained to us that this test only checks
for ONE antibody that causes diabetes.  There are several that could cause it.
Needless to say, it was an awful shock to find out this information.  While I
applaud the efforts of this study, I feel that they should try somehow to
expand it to include ANYONE who is found to be developing type 1 regardless of
which antibodies cause it.  Fortunately, my children are receiving care under
a wonderful and competent endocrinologist, and my daughter is being watched
closely.   We did however, learn a hard lesson about the false sense of
security that these tests can cause.   I never imagined I'd have 3 D-kids & I
am type 2 myself, but we're all doing fine and managing well, so I guess
that's the most important part here, right?  We are definitely controlling the
diabetes and not letting it control us!

Be well,
Kelly    (going to the endo tonight to talk about the pump for Steven dx'd
2/9/96.....wish us LUCK!!!!  :-)
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