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[IP] Before and After Diabetes

I think that diabetes hasn't *caused* any lasting depression in me, just
magnifies the feelings I have when my blood sugars are high.  Before 
diabetes, I would sometimes get a little depressed or upset, and now
when my blood sugars are high, the littlest things can set me off and
keep me upset until my sugars are lower.  Like this woman, I sometimes
feel like I don't want to go out, or like cancelling with friends, because I
worry about what is happening with my sugar-- it's too high and I'll be
going to the bathroom too much when we're out, or I've just had a low and 
I want to stay at home and hide and eat peanut butter and milk until the
goes away.

At the same time, I agree with what the others are saying that diabetes
has in some ways made me a stronger person and - though I'm not *thankful*
for it - I'm thankful for some of the things it's done for my character.
One of my
friends looked at me really weird when I described how many people with
diabetes make the most of it by becoming really knowledgable of food
keeping elaborate blood sugars charts, etc..  it's not as if we *like*
having diabetes
but I think many of us have stopped being angry at the disease and gotten
acceptance to where we welcome the daily interruptions into our lives
they're part of us now.

Ok I've gotten off the point of the original message.. just some morning


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