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Re: [IP] Misunderstanding on Last Note

I've been diabetic for 18 1/2 years since I was 17. I seem to get tired easily especially "compared" to my three sisters who have 2, 4 and 4 kids. I love kids (my husband and I decided against having children) but when I'm around the "noise" I can't wait to get away. Is this because I'm "diabetic" or because I'm "me?"
When I'm sick I tend to get hit hard and quick and "wash out." Again is this because I'm "diabetic" or "me?" My bs's are not always affected when I'm sick but my co-workers are concerned by my color and convince me to go home. This is because I'm "diabetic" and they're concerned about "me."
Through the years I've found that I've conveniently blamed a lot on being "diabetic," when probably some of the feelings are from "me" not exercising or eating right, etc. or just having a bad day or not getting enough attention.... I was a spoiled child (because I'm the youngest not because I'm diabetic)
What I've finally accepted is that being "diabetic" or being "me" doesn't matter. Being "diabetic" is part of being "ME" so even when it's a challenge the "blame" is "mine" not the "diabetes."
Hope this helps some. It took me twenty years to get this outlook.
dx'd 1977
pumping since 12/98