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[IP] Predisposed to diabetes-lab tests?

I've been insulin dependent for 16 yrs. and carried 3 children to full term
since diagnosed. I had somewhat "normal" pregnancies and deliveries. A
neighbor of mine is concerned that I haven't had my kids tested to find out if
they are likely to become diabetic or not.  Her brother has a diabetic child
and was told by Joslin to have her kids tested.  She did and other tests found
her son to be in the 150 range 2hrs after meals.  He is now taking insulin.
Do any of you know what test this is?  Are there many?  How do I get a
pediatrician to request such a lab test?  Also, I was on Humalog during my
last pregnancy and read a couple of studies about such babies having heart
problems.  Does anyone know of any recent info. on the effects of humalog on
the fetus?  Thanks.
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