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RE: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

>It has been my experience, that every person thinks they know what is best
>for themselves and so trying to explain common sense to them is futile.

I was thinking exactly the same thing!

>But consider this, if you brag, yes BRAG!, about how long your insertion
>site has been in, some new person pumping may think this is great and
>attempt it with very dire consequences.

I must have missed the bragging posts...  I have seen several condescending
ones, though.  I tend to operate from the position that people have brains
and if you offer them options and enough information, they are smart enough
to work out for themselves what works.

>So please let's not glorify this practice as it is dangerous.

I remember when I was told not to talk about two practices that were
considered highly controversial.  But since I have faith in myself and know
that I do not tell people what to do, just what works for me, I kept doing
them and talking about them.  So today I still do blood sugars (doctors and
nurses said they were useless) and gee, I am on a pump, also considered
then and unfortunately still by some now, as risky.  I guess those
shouldn't be glorified either.


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