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[IP] 1999 Congress

Well Gang, it's time to start talking,writing,e-mail, smoke signals,
whatever, to your Congress people about bills introduced into the 106th
congress regarding Insulin Pumps and supplies.  Please go the the
following website  HTTP://thomas.loc.gov and get your very own copies of
H,R. 360 and S 24.  This time these bills MUST get out of committee and
on the floors of the House and Senate, and MUST be past.  These Bills
are important to all Diabetics, whether you are on private insurance or
Medicare.  Let's all get out and push for their passage.  Thanks

David Flagg---Winter Park, FL.--ICQ # 11896094

mail to <email @ redacted>

Quote  I hear........and I forget.  I see ........and I remember.  I
do......and I understand.  -Chinese Proverb

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