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Re: [IP] RE: Alcohol question

I don't know where your CDE went to school, but I cannot believe she advised
her patients not to use alcohol.  I am a Biology major, and in Microbiology we
examined the human thumb before and after the application of alcohol.  The
amount of bacteria that is KILLED after the application of alcohol is
astonishing.  I vowed after that experiment never to test my blood without
using alcohol.  And by the way we had to wash our hands before wiping them
with alcohol.  Yes, bacteria normally exists, but the point of wiping with
alcohol is to kill the ones around the area so that they do not enter an
"opened" wound when you prick your finger.  
This is just the P.O.V. of one of those "educated" persons....
Who's missing all the "Laissez les bon temps roullez" in New Orleans....
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