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Re: [IP] Diet help

Fran,  I do not need to diet now because my weight is good, but I know what
you are saying.  When I first went on the pump, I had so much energy that I
was exercising alot.  I mean everyday for a couple of hours.  I was eating
1000 calories/day which was too little but I thought I would lose weight.  At
the time, I was about 10 pounds overweight.  Anyway, it took me 6 months to
lose 1 pound.  I couldn't believe how long it took.  I don't know if it has
anything to do with DM, but I thought that was an awfully long time to see
results.  After 6 months, the weight just dramatically fell off and I haven't
gained any back.  I am telling you this so you will keep dieting and Be
Patient.  Some of us DMers just respond slower than others.  I am slower to
heal from a wound and I guess slower to lose weight.  I don't think this is
genetic because my family is thin and my brother can get sick and lose 10
pounds in one day.  ellen     
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