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Re: [IP] Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

Thank you John for articulating so well why I love this list.  I have learned
more here from other pumpers than all the drs, cdes, and other pros combined.
The pros were important when I first developed DM, but are not very helpful
after 39 years with this disease.  I would much rather meet with Ruth or Wayne
or James or Sara or you, John, than the 5 minutes I spend with my endo.  He
does the appropriate bloodwork, but I get no help with everyday life.  I get
that from you people.  Individual experiences are so important.  I identify
with some because we share common problems.  Everyone keep stating what works
for you and forget what is in the books.  They change those books every few
years.  Nothing beats personal experience.  I might not understand why but
when something works for me, I'm going with it.  ellen
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