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[IP] Humalog

> > Ted,  I wonder what evidence you have that humalog goes "bad" after
> > 2.5 days inthe pump. A full syringe routinely lasts 10 days in the
> > pump for me, and that includes sitting on it and sleeping on it
> > under a fat down comforter.
> There is a lot of confusion about this issue. The problem seems to be
> with users that don't differentiate between a site going bad after a
> few days and the insulin going bad. Many pumpers seem to blame 'weak'
> insulin for what in fact is a site that is no longer absorbing
> insulin. This mis-information gets repeated so often that it
> continues to be believed by many who hear it for the first, second,
> etc.... time.

I was wondering about that too -- I've been using Humalog in a pen and
haven't particularly had any problems with it going bad -- a cartridge
of 150 units lasts me 10 days or so.

Counting down to pump start: Preliminary appt. on March 3 and 4, and
real start-up on March 17 and 18 -- only 4 weeks away! 

And THEN you'll have to put me on the map!!!!


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