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Re: [IP] air bubbles

> From:          email @ redacted
> Date:          Tue, 16 Feb 1999 09:04:11 -0400
> To:            email @ redacted
> Subject:       Re: [IP] air bubbles
> Reply-to:      email @ redacted

> Ted,  I wonder what evidence you have that humalog goes "bad" after
> 2.5 days inthe pump. A full syringe routinely lasts 10 days in the
> pump for me, and that includes sitting on it and sleeping on it
> under a fat down comforter. 

There is a lot of confusion about this issue. The problem seems to be 
with users that don't differentiate between a site going bad after a 
few days and the insulin going bad. Many pumpers seem to blame 'weak' 
insulin for what in fact is a site that is no longer absorbing 
insulin. This mis-information gets repeated so often that it 
continues to be believed by many who hear it for the first, second, 
etc.... time.

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