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Re: [IP] Pump/exercise book

[Sorry about that last empty message, folks--my email software decided to
send before it would let me edit!]

email @ redacted wrote:
>> From: email @ redacted
>> I just read in the IDAA (International Diabetic Athletes Association) 
>> magazine, The Challenge, that Dr. John Hunt from Vancouver, Canada is 
>> writing a book about insulin pumps and exercise. 
>Anyone know if this book is any nearer being published?

I just checked amazon.com and barnsandnoble.com, and neither know about
this book.  An altavista search found a 1996 contribution by the doctor
to "Insulin Dependant Diabetes Trust Newsletter" about animal insulins
being taken off the market, but no email address or other contact
information was available.

So it might still be in the works, but I'm guessing it's not available on
the mass-market now, at least.

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