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[IP] Thank You - Rough Few Days

To all of you who have provided such wonderful information,

The past week all the information I have received here saved me a lot of
heartache and stress.

I decided to try the Rapids.  I thought with the extra tire I have
around my middle ( and I don't have a clue where it came from.  I
checked with Discount Tire but they had no record ) the rapid would be a
good switch.  It went in easily, which was nice, but only last ed a
couple of days, and there was some stupidity on my part.  I left it in
and shouldn't have.  I even tried another one, but did take that out
within a day.  I was having the same problems as I had over 15 years ago
with the site and allergic reaction to that metal.

Then, on Friday I went back to the Tender.  All day I was having a real
hard time getting my bs's below 200.  I let it go.  I woke up at 2:30am
( too tired to do too much ) with a bs of 268 and thought to myself,
something's up.  I thought to myself what would the group suggest.  So I
gave myself a shot to cover the high plus two extra units.  I woke up at
7:00 am with a 267.  ( Mind you I hardly had anything for dinner ).  Ok,
something's really up I thought.  So I detached from the Cannula and
gave a bolus to see if the Insulin was being delivered and no it
wasn't.  So then ahhhh I panicked.  After a few seconds I thought about
the group and what they would recommend and I also called D.  I had a
leek at the lure lock.  It took me about a day to get back down and

Bottom line, thanks to all of you I got through it without a hitch.  It
was easy and I knew I had the support out there throughout the world and
that was calming.  I appreciate the continued excellent input.  I
continually learn and "Ali" let's me keep most of it in my brain so I
can use it in situations such as this past week.

So give yourselves a big hug from me.  Thanks!

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