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Re: [IP] Diet help

Cindy, Jim, and all that want to lose weight,

I am interested.  I am very frustrated with my weight.  I am not sure where it all came from.  One doctor said it was due to age ( I am 38 ).  I exercise ( aerobic and weight ) four times a week.  I am fairly active the other days, not a coach potato.  I haven't eaten high fat foods in years due to gastroporious and slow digestive problems.  I've never been a sweet eater.  The one thing that's been working recently and cutting waaaay back on carbohydrates.  The only carbo's I eat are vegetables.  Gee's I am even cooking ( trust me this is a small miracle <VBG> ).  I am finally dropping a few pounds, but it is very very frustrating.  I feel like I am starving myself and nothing is coming off.  I want a new body, anybody want to trade?  I guess I could order the one on page 12 of the Victoria Secret Catalog.  Oh, how growing old is so much fun. <VBG>.

...unless anyone else is interested.