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Re: [IP] air bubbles

Ted,  I wonder what evidence you have that humalog goes "bad" after 2.5
days inthe pump.
A full syringe routinely lasts 10 days in the pump for me, and that
includes sitting on it and sleeping on it under a fat down comforter.  Even
on the last day, I still can use the same 1 U bolus to lower BG 40 mg/dl.
If it's potency was off by 1%, I don't think I could detect that.  Even a
5% loss would be hard to pinpoint.

<<<<<<<Every kind of insulin but Humalog has been found to last 28 days at
reasonable room temperature (under 86 F).
Mind you, the testing done by the manufacturers found that insulin
stays good for the 28 days, at the end of which time it lost 1% of it's
strength. The Humalog sheet still says that it does, but we've found
otherwise by experience. My Humalog used to go bad after 2.5 days
in the pump, Humalog with R in a 5 to 1 mix lasts for at least 3 days,
though that's as long as it's loaded for anyway.
Ted Quick>>>>>>>


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