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[IP] RE: Length of site.

    I hear a lot of noise about scaring and tenderness and like that. In my
humble opinion, it depends on the individual. I have been using softsets for
better than two years now and I consistently get six (6) days to a set. As a
matter of fact I have to change just the dressing by carefully holding the
softset down with a finger as I remove the failing dressing. I then apply a
Kendall Polyskin II and finish the insulin in the reservoir.  I fill the
reservoir with 3ml of Velosulin at a change and that will last me 6 days.
    I invite any self proclaimed or professional experts to look and tell me
how long one of my sets have been in. The only sign you would have is the
amount of Velosulin left in the pump.
    The only problem I have ever had with a set is the fact that a seatbelt
will irritate me and make the site sore after a long trip. I define a long
trip as 150 miles or greater. I recently had to go to Houston for laser
surgery which is over 150 miles one way and had to change my set early. This
was only the second time in two years I have had any problems with a
premature set change. When this happens I use a band-aid with
"Bactroban"mupirocin ointment 2% made by SmithKline Beecham, which I think
is a prescription, or Equate triple antibiotic ointment. Either of these
medications make short work of the failed site.
    I must admit, I have ALWAYS been almost "bulletproof" as I have never
had any problems with slow healing or infections except just prior to
contracting diabetes in the late 50's. I have been shot, stabbed, broken,
burnt, scraped, run over, mashed, and nearly drowned once and always healed
in record time. I broke my ankle rabbit hunting and was hunting again the
next night! Always worked in the mechanical trades where cuts, scratches,
and burns were a daily occurence. Never had any problems.
    Sorry for being so long winded but I personally think it depends on the
individual as to what you can get by with and avoid problems. Anybody that
tries to say what will happen to anybody else is either over educated or
under educated. That is my opinion and I have a right to it. Huh Sara. BTW,
I agree with Sara on ALL she wrote about the HTML thing and all the EXTRA
B/S that people add to the end of their posts! Who cares what your employers
views are what your call letters are? I realize Juno and Yahoo add their
little ad to the end of all your posts bu leave out the complete addresses
and stop the 12 and 14 line scripts at the end of all posts, PLEASE?

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