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Re: [IP] Yo-Yoing/Fastest Pump in the West

> When reading the digests, I wonder: do you  in America not talk about the 
> 'after-hypo-reaction' in holland we are advised NOT to give bolus after a (deep) 
> hypo, cause other hormons are in work and they minimize the working of insulin. 
> So 24 hours after a hypo we only give bolus for the meals, and not for the 
> highs. It really helps stop jo-jo-ing, is my experiences. 


We call the "after-hypo-reaction" a "rebound". If I have a night-time
hypo, I usually find that the blood sugar will run high for the next
day. So I set a higher basal rate, and this keeps the blood sugar
normal, and makes me feel better. Obviously I also take steps to prevent
whatever caused the hypo in the first place.

It's interesting that you are told to leave the blood sugar high, and
let the body sort itself out naturally. I'd love to know why this works
better. I always thought that during a bad hypo the body defends itself
by becoming less sensitive to insulin, and before it resets itself you
have to compensate by taking more insulin...

> If there are other people from Holland, please mail me privately, situation in 
> Holland is different from America, in any case, with finances and doctors.

If you go to the Member Access area of the IP website, and go to the
members list, you will find 2 other people with ".nl" in their email

mailto:email @ redacted

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