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[IP] Reloading Cartridges / Reservoirs

I would add the following to Gary Marlin's procedure for reloading pump
cartridges / reservoirs. It saves the expense of using a separate syringe:

To fill the end of the Luer lock connector on the infusion set, use the
needle you used to fill the cartridge / reservoir. Simply connect it to the
cartridge / reservoir which is now in the pump, bolus to fill this needle
until it drips insulin from the end. Now fill the end of the connector on
the infusion set until you notice insulin "bulging" above the end of the
connector (hold it upright so it doesn't spill out). Disconnect the needle,
then connect the infusion set to the pump cartridge / reservoir and you're

I've used this technique for quite some time and it works flawlessly.

>To reload the syringe:
>    a)    place clamp in the line 2 or 3 inches below the Luer lock
>    b) remove the syringe from the pump
>    c) remove the syringe from the Luer lock and cap the hose with the white
>caps that come with the Softset or the clear cap from the silhouettes
>    d) place the needle for the syringe that you saved, capped, on the
>    e) refill the syringe as usual
>    f) place the syringe in the pump
>    g) remove the needle and recap it
>    h) bolus insulin through the pump until a large bubble of insulin
>appears on the end of the syringe - usually 2 or 3 units for me
>    I) remove the cap from the infusion set and fill the end of the Luer
>Lock with a ordinary syringe - usually about 12 units - until you have a
>bubble on the end of the lock.
>    j) place the syringe in the end of Luer lock- Pump down so that liquid
>touches liquid - and close the lock

Bob Burnett

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