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Re: [IP] Glucagon Question

B.P. (before pump)  I had numerous treatments with glucagon, and when
that happened I was out of the picture as far as administering it to
myself.  I also treated myself for lows when I would have been better
off having someone give me a shot of glucagon.  I keep the glutose gel
tubes close to my bed, and though the tip is really hard to break off, I
managed to get the gel into my mouth.   These definitely saved my life
since I was alone.
They ripped my gums from my inability to not hurt myself, but I am alive
today, and healed up from the jabbing of the tube.   If you have
glucagon, and are able to  keep any food down, would that be an answer,
to take a shot of it?   I am always sick after being given a shot of
glucagon, and if I was already sick, eek , I hate to think of the
consequences after the shot.....  What other alternatives would be
logical since I am now living singly?  Laurie B.

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