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Re: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

> Today's standards are very practical and are based in sound clinical
> practice and experience.
> So if you want to try for the longest set in, then by all means knock
> yourself out, It is stupid for me to try to show you otherwise.
> But consider this, if you brag, yes BRAG!, about how long your insertion
> site has been in, some new person pumping may think this is great and
> attempt it with very dire consequences.


I didn't mean to brag actually.  I may get 4-5 7 or 8 day sites in a row but I
may also get 4-5 2 hour sites.  I used to believe in these formulas except
that I spent most of my teenage and college years learning that much of what
we were told about pumping as an absolute turned out to be sort of true for
some people some of the time and if you folowed the formulas exactly and
unquestioningly you often got screwed.   The bottom line is that those
estimations are based on average numbers from a large population and they are
reassessed every 5 years and tend to bounce around a good deal.   The other
bottom line is that most of these medical professionals have some very good
experience.  None of them have 20 years worth and many of them are
knowledgeable in limited ways.  There are a whole slew of things people on
this list do with support from CDE's that were absolutely taboo 10 years ago.
Remember that they used to tell us to clean our fingers with alcohal before
blood testing.  That was before they discovered that those of us who test 8 or
more times a day, quickly develop callouses that way.

The key thing is that you have to check.  For some people that means once or
twice a day, for some people that includes anything that hurts going in, for
some people -- especially if you sweat a lot or are very active -- that might
mean 5 or 10 times a day.  Any time you check and itches, hurts, is sore, or
red it needs to come out--- that includes after five minutes.  If it is
comfortable and absorption is good, it can last longer and there is no
automatic reason to pull it our in 3 days..  Most people eventually see a day
on which they tend to see their insulin act less effectively.  On this list,
people have shared finding that happens at 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 10 days -- again,
probably due to a whole bunch of different factors.  So this needs to be
factored in as well.    If you are using humalog, your sites may also last
much less time.  In addition to the potency of humalog question, humalog tends
to cause more rapid site deterioration -- this is a bit like the problems when
I started pumping using beef insulin.  These got better on pork and much much
much better with humulin -- especially velosulin.   If you use only humalog,
your sites may not last that long.  Again, people report a range from 1 1/2
days to 4 or 5.

I don't think either Janine, me or anybody else is glorifying the practice.
The glorious practice would be to always check often and to do what your body
says it needs and if you would also like to change more often for mental
comfort and you have lots and lots of unsued sites to go right ahead and take
advantage of them to their fullest!  It sounds like a great luxury!

> So please let's not glorify this practice as it is dangerous.
> CJ
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