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[IP] alcohol vs IV Prep vs....

I raised this issue a few weeks ago- I'd gotten a rash on my tum and I
discontinued using the IV Prep and it has gone away. My trainer had
suggested, when I started in early December, to swab the whole tummy
with IV Prep to reduce bacteria....After 1 1/2 months I developed an
itchy red rash.

Now I just pull out a clean washcloth and use soap and water to wash my
tum all over (my hands first, actually) before I start to load the
cartridge. After it's dry I pour a little Hibiclens on the specific site
I want. When I pull out a needle (I use 6 mm Rapids) from a site I wash
that place and rub it a bit to (perhaps) discourage scar tissue from
forming. I am determined to avoid the scarring problems I read about...I
change the site every three days, tops....

dx 1992 "gestational"
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