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Re: [IP] Scar tissue

> Can you tell visually where there is scar tissue? Does the skin look
> different?

Sometimes.  Sometimes more by feel.

> Does the scar tissue resolve, or is the site permanently bad?

Varies a great deal.  I have a few left that are as old as 12 or 13 years.  Some from
2,3,5 and 10 years ago have finally disappeared.  Others from a year or so ago are
already gone.  In recent years, when I've had med insurance and since my knowledge has
changed, I really avoid leaving in sites with itching or any discomfort so that seems to
be the huge differentiating factor.

The soreness varies too.  Deep scar tissue doesn't hurt, you just can't get much into it
and it doesn't absorb.  Others hurt. How long seems to depend on how close I was to a
blood vessel or nerve.  For some reason, when I have gained a few lbs too many or have
lost a more than the usual few, they seem to get sorer.

Hope that helps a litte.


> How long does the soreness you describe last?
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