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[IP] We won the war!

Last April I found an article on the internet about Kids R Pumping and I
started to research the pump.  Shortly after finding that, I also found
this site.  I was determined to find a way to get the pump for our
little girl, she is ten, and I DID IT!!  Ten months of writing letters,
phone calls, change in employers, writing letters, phone calls,  private
meetings, more phone calls.  It has been crazy, but in the end, well
worth it.   Now I just hope that we do a good job and make this aa
smooth a transition as possible for Erica.  I have the pumping insulin
book (since last summer), a carbo counting book, and I have been cutting
out bits and pieces of the digest for the past 10 months.  Lots of
valuable information there.  The pump is enroute (due next week)and I
will have to start studying in earnest.  So much of what I have read
here, will help me understand the things that I am sure are not in the
standard pump information pack.  My husband and I vow to go to the endo
with enough knowledge to floor her!!  We haven't set the start up date
with the endo yet as she hasn't returned my call, but after 10 months of
waiting.....we have learned patience.

I wanted to share my good news because some of you were so supportive
when I first started this but I did not keep in touch as the time wore
on.  Well, now I am back, and I am sure I will be looking to you for
advice and opinions.  We live just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia and
were granted a 6 month free trial on the Minimed....of course that is
the one we chose.  We couldn't get the same help out of Disetronic. In
fact their rep said they might have to charge us for someone to fly down
to train us!  Forget that!  In their defense, I probably should have
gone over his head, but I didn't have the time or energy to do so.

Sorry this was so long, I am very excited, and anxious about what we
will be facing when Erica gets hooked up!  I'll be in touch.

Thanks again pumpers!!
Barb in N.S.

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