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Re: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

> And what do you do when you do get too sore to find a place?

Well, laugh a little, cry a little, keep trying, try wearing different
clothes that don't rub against my stomach, avoid touching or leaning
against things.  Interestingly, as I've gotten older, it is more the
upper part of my stomach that gets unbearable.  The lower part has more
fat these days and seems to have, in the last few years, finally settled
in to being more comfortable much of the time.  Sometimes velosulin (or
a larger percentage of velosulin) helps a little too.  I change sites
less often and check them more often and pull them out immediately if
they hurt or itch.

These may be problems for most people after 10 or 20 years of pumping.
The only thing is that when I started on a pump at 15 no one dreamed the
closed loop pump and the glucose sensor wouldn't be widely available in
4 or 5 years and I don't think any of the parents expected their
children to pump indefinately.  My husband is working with real time
systems and was explaining to me today the development process for
prodects like the sensor and ultimately the closed loop pump.  It could
be a long time for most of us before we no longer need to pump so
preserving those sites is important.  On the other hand, human insulin,
sof sets and silhouettes and better tape all cut down on the number of
problems that we will have and probably increase site longevity a good
deal.  But, of course, humalog seems to cause problems too so it may
still be a mixed bag.

Not meant to be scary.  This is just the reality and some people have
more trouble than others.  I'm still curious why all the annecdotal
evidence I've heard about and seen seems to suggest that grown up men
(22+) have less of these problems than women (who do sound like they
have less than teenagers -- this llast one makes more sense than the
man/woman comparison).


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