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Re: [IP] Re: Where to put pump

This works well for me(but only for a disetronic since you don't need to 
see the pump).  I use a sock sometimes so the pump doesn't get sticky, 
but often in the winter(here in WI) it's not a problems.

Will putting the pump in the center of the bra work better without 
underwires?  I've never tried this. . .

>I also put my pump in my bra, but I put it on the side under my armpit.  
>Then I just reach back and bolus.  (I have to make sure the buttons on 
>my Disetronic are on the back side).  I also use the bra holder thing =
>which clips on to the side of my bra.  I don't wear a WHOLE lot of =
>slinky clothes, but it is pretty hard to see either way (unless I hold 
>up my arm and stick my side out at someone :).
>Just my ideas!

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