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Re: [IP] Re: Where to put pump

You don't have to be much of a seamstress to take a piece of 1" elastic and a
bought buckle that clicks together and make a black/ white/and sometimes even
other colours. Just cut to fit and stitch the buckle on each end.  I do
wateraerobics while wearing my pump "d" in a soft plastic case, sold with
these pumps, and the belt threaded through and my red water cap and in I go.
Great exercise!!
Has anyone heard of any contraindication as to the use of echinacea taken to
give the immune system a bit of help fighting these relentless colds that we
all seem to have.  My daughter mentioned that someone with a son who has
diabetes finds that echinacea sends his sugars over the top?
Also this for the systems controllers-
If going away for a month what is the best way to handle the incoming mail.  I
always have to try several times to get into an offerred programme so I don't
want to lose it if I don't have to.  Ideas please.
Keep up the great work on the group!!!!
Rosalie Mac
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