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Re: [IP] Emergency with Laura

> << to rouse Laura (our 8 year old daughter)  from sleep and checked her blood
>  sugar, it was 42.   >>
> 100 to 200 are safe BG ranges for an 8 year old. The adrenalin response to
> raise the BG is slow to respond during sleep times. Have you checked basal

After many low nite time bg's , a couple of scares and one very scary 
crash, Lily's basals are set to rise about 50 points during the night. 
The result is that usually they do that and when things go bad, she 
usually does not go below 30 - 40 by 2:30 when I check her (vary rare 
now). This seems to take care of the unusual days with extra physical 
activity AND a screwed up dinner bolus. It's not perfect, but I think it 
is better than the alternative.
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