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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin Expiration

email @ redacted wrote:

>There's a lot of hear-say and rumour about Humalog going off or loosing
>strength. [etc]

I'd just like to throw in my own experience with how well my insulin has
stood up under "real-life" conditions.  As I posted to misc.health.diabetes
fairly recently, I've had very good luck with all my insulins, including
Humalog, maintaining their potency.  (I'm currently still on MDI with
Humalog, Ultralente and Lente, until I can get started on the 507C which
arrived last Thursday.)

I travel a lot; this past autumn I participated in a singing tour of the UK
and continental Europe with a choir I'm in.  All together, I was away from
home for more than three months, carried all of my insulin for that time
with me, and none of it was refrigerated regularly.  Temperatures ranged
from pretty close to freezing (in luggage occasionally left in vehicles
overnight) to warm room temperatures, and all of the insulin was subjected
to quite a lot of shaking.  I didn't notice any problems with diminished
potency; in fact, my BGs were better than they've ever been, probably
largely because my schedule was a lot more consistent than when I'm at

In the past, when I've been travelling in the summer, and temperatures have
been hot (consistently over 80 Fahrenheit during the day), I have had the
odd vial seem to lose its punch after two or three weeks.  I generally
change vials after a month if they've been out in the warm like that even
if I haven't noticed anything, just to be on the safe side.  I haven't
noticed Humalog going bad more often than U or L in these situations.

I'm sure plenty of people *have* had problems with Humalog or other
insulins going bad fairly quickly; I just consider myself lucky that it
hasn't happened to me, especially with the long trips.  I'm hoping that
when I start pumping, that doesn't change.


--Woj                      Matthew Wojcik                 email @ redacted
        Type I for 4 years, MDI, H/U/L, *going* to pump soon!
         College of Computer Science, Northeastern University

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