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Re: [IP] Emergency with Laura

In a message dated 99-02-14 23:57:19 EST, you write:

<< to rouse Laura (our 8 year old daughter)  from sleep and checked her blood
 sugar, it was 42.   >>
100 to 200 are safe BG ranges for an 8 year old. The adrenalin response to
raise the BG is slow to respond during sleep times. Have you checked basal
rates for the sleep hours? Maybe they are too high. Also, was she physically
active during the day? A protein + cho snack at bedtime is helpful in
preventing the lows at night,especially when active during the day. Check BG's
at midnight and 3 to 4 am for a while to see if this pattern repeats itself.
Review all info with your endo and pump trainer. So sorry that this happened.
I can imagine that it was very frightening. Seems you did all the right
things. Glad to hear she is doing better.
Barbara B.
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