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[IP] RE: Sara

Sara wrote:

* So fight it with FULL POWER!!!  throw all your ammo at it
* with the pump!  test 10 times a day and YOU be the master...not the
* You tell your body what to do - give yourself that sense of POWER and
* over the thing you hate so much!!!

Thank you Sara.  I think adopting your attitude would be helpful for me - to
channel the anger into becoming the master over this frickin' thing instead
of punishing one's body for its betrayal.  For some reason, I felt like I
was the only one doing this "shameful" binge/purge thing.  Kind of
ridiculous and egocentric to think that this idea has never occurred to
anyone else.

I saw my endo again today.  I should be on the pump in a couple of months!
I am excited!

I bought a Valentine's present for myself  -- an exercise machine.  It is a
"Health Walker Plus".  It is similar to a Nordic-Trek but easier to use (in
my opinion) and it cost only $150.  It folds up for storage and is
relatively easy to move (I moved it into my house and up the stairs by
myself).  I highly recommend it.  I am a small person though (5'1"  115
lbs.)  It might not be sturdy enough for some.  It's hard to find time and
motivation for long workouts, so it's great to have something readily
available where several times a day, I can just hop on when I have 10-15
minutes to spare.

Age 33, Type I for 3 years

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