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"i am thinking if i get enough support to be able to offer a way for
our schools to have the resources that this list has by offering a
for the School system to contact or get intouch with people to come and
talk to them and others that have experienced or are experiencing the
thing we have.  I think this would be great for newly Dx'd D's and their

families.... Anyone willing to do this let me know.."
I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. Diabeties education is something our
is in great need of and who better to educate people than Diabetics
i for some time now have been interested in becoming an educator and
would love to participate in helping others ,as i live in Australia i
could not go to American schools however id be keen to establish "your
idea" down under.
If there are any Diabetic Educators here :)
could you please email me personaly in regards to becoming an educator
or the
types of training i may need to do etc
Thankyou in advance for any information supplied
Shaun Kluzek IDDM 21 years
last Hba1c 5.5
P.S 22 days untill i get my Minimed I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

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