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[IP] Yo-Yoing/Fastest Pump in the West

Hi Ingrid, I agree with your statement about not bolusing after a low for 24
hrs.  I have heard this many many times.  However, is anyone else out there
just too "quick on the draw"?  I feel like I am one of those cowboys out west,
especially when I am in a hurry.  I will test, bolus, then 5 minutes later say
to myself, "I shouldn't of done that because I'm rebounding."  I bolused the
last 2 nights before I went to bed and had lows in the morning.  I put a note
on my mirror saying "Do Not Bolus" so I wouldn't do it again last night.  I
was fine this morning.  It's like with magic, the hand is quicker than the
eye(brain).  "Don't shoot before you think" is a good motto for me.  ellen
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