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No Subject

I did not receive the digests 817 and 818 correctly, can only read a quart of it. I think I did not empty my mailbox in time. I have only limited room in it because it's a free mailbox. Can you please send them again to me? thanks!!
When reading the digests, I wonder: do you  in America not talk about the 'after-hypo-reaction? in holland we are advised NOT to give bolus after a (deep) hypo, cause other hormons are in work and they minimize the working of insulin. So 24 hours after a hypo we only give bolus for the meals, and not for the highs. It really helps stop jo-jo-ing, is my experiences. 
If there are other people from Holland, please mail me privately, situation in Holland is different from America, in any case, with finances and doctors. Sorry if I don't use the right words. I'm not accustomed to write in English. Ingrid
Groetjes, Inge
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