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RE: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

It has been my experience, that every person thinks they know what is best
for themselves and so trying to explain common sense to them is futile.

It is when problems arise that people start to say, "I should have
listened!".  I go back to pumping insulin when they used to have us do a
surgical type scrub before insertion, that was ridiculous and actually
caused more infections, but, as time progressed, we developed and learned
what to do.

Today's standards are very practical and are based in sound clinical
practice and experience.

So if you want to try for the longest set in, then by all means knock
yourself out, It is stupid for me to try to show you otherwise.

But consider this, if you brag, yes BRAG!, about how long your insertion
site has been in, some new person pumping may think this is great and
attempt it with very dire consequences.

So please let's not glorify this practice as it is dangerous.


These highly unflattering and strong words are not
necessarily those of our sponsor!

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