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Re: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

> Is it only the cost? Is that why some pumpers leave the site in for extra
> days? Is it because maybe they do not want to take the time to change the
> site?  I start pumping with insulin on Tuesday and so far I put in 2 sites
> (saltine).  I thought if I could leave a site in longer it would be better for
> my stomach area regarding all the little holes that I'm going to be making
> soon :).

Yes, I leave it in longer b/c when I have a good site and I can make it last than
I can go months longer before I run out of places to put them.  I've fairly small
and have some bad spots and scar tissue to avoid, but changing every 3 days, I am
miserable after 6 months or so.  If I can vary the site duration and get some good
comfortable longer sets in there, I can often go a year or two at a stretch before
I get too sore to find a place.

> Alcohol question.  The first time I put in a site my pump coach had me wipe
> the area with a alcohol pad.  Within 8 hours it was bothering me so much I had
> to take it out.  I should mention it was a "Sof-set".  Well, anyway, the area
> immediately under the plactic wings had a blister (2 blisters) BIG.  Do you
> need to wipe the area with alcohol before you send in the site/needle?  The
> second site I put in I didn't use alcohol and everything looks great.
> Is it safe to put in a site without alcohol?  I figured I would just wash the
> area and go for it.

This is one of those controversial ones.  For the most part, alcohol doesn't do a
whole lot -- if there is actually bacteria there it will just rub it around.
Cleaning the area with soap and water works too.  Or there are skin preps.  This
is one of those things people feel strongly about but my experience is that no one
is exactly right and they are all a little bit true.  You just need to find a
routine for you and keep it clean.  The blisters sound like you may be allergic to
the alcohol so you will need to use something else -- the reaction will make you
vulnerable to infection.

> Karen :)
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