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Re: [IP] Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

CJ wrote:
> I realize it may be expensive for people to be buying their supplies, not
> everyone has the luxury of 80, 90 or 100% reimbursement for their supplies,
> but if you create scarring at your sites, those sites become useless.
> As a medical processional, I tell my patients to change their sites every 48
> hours, 72 at the max.  When I assess their sites, I can always tell by it's
> appearance, tenderness and rigidity how long it has been in.

I faced this problem when I started pumping 18 months ago. I had to pay
100% for all my infusion sets, and I didn't have any spare money (=I was
poor, especially since I'd spent my own savings on the pump). So every
extra day I could get out of an infusion set was a lot of money saved.
This made decisions about changing a set very difficult, since it was a
financial decision as well as a health decision. It was a very bad
situation to be in.

Since September I have been fully insured (thank you Germany!), and
change set roughly every 3 days which is when the tape on the Tender
starts to work loose. I agree with CJ that (for me at least) the marks
left on the skin are a lot worse if you go longer than 3 days.

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