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[IP] Re: Insulin Expiration

Karen wrote:
> Hi,  Humalog expires after 2.5 days?  I'm using humalog in my pump. My support
> person told me not to refrig. the bottle of insulin I would be using.  She
> said,  room temperature insulin would not make bubbles like cold insuling.  At
> the time I did not say anything but I knew that was not right.  I knew the
> humalog I used in the pen device would loose it strength after a week.  
> So, what about that 1/2 a day.  Do bgs go up?  Do you send in a little more
> insulin?

There's a lot of hear-say and rumour about Humalog going off or loosing
strength. My endo was an external consultant with Eli Lilly when they
were formulating Humalog, and they had a lot of trouble trying to find
the right preservatives to stop it going off. So stability seems to be
an issue, since the protein molecule has been fiddled with.

My own "hunch", which is nothing more than that, is that there is a very
small chance that Humalog can occasionally spontaneously loose some of
its strength. This would explain some of the stories I've heard. That's
why you are encouraged to try a fresh bottle of insulin if your bg's
have gone high, and you can find no other reason for it.

It's possible that if the insulin gets shaken a lot, like in a pen in
your pocket or bag, there's a much higher chance of this happening than
if it's sitting still in your room.

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