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RE: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

CJ wrote
>First, as each day passes after the second day, the risk for site infection
>increases and scarring begins to develop.

Not in my experience.

>Secondly, As the site stays in after the 2 - 3 days the subcutaneous tissue
>begins to grow around the insertion, this will cause scarring and will
>create some difficulty in pumping the insulin into the body as resistance
>will be increased as the proliferation of tissue begins to build around the

 Again, not for me.

>Now I am sure people here will say I have left sites in for 7 day, 10 days,
>21 days, etc., etc.  But what is more important, safety or cost

Since I am compromising neither, why change them early?  I have no reason
to.  If this changes for me, I will.

>I realize it may be expensive for people to be buying their supplies, not
>everyone has the luxury of 80, 90 or 100% reimbursement for their supplies,
>but if you create scarring at your sites, those sites become useless.

My sets are paid for.  I can also afford to buy them outright myself if I
want, and change them daily.  I leave it in because it does me no harm, and
I have made darn sure of that, and because it works extremely well for me.
My blood sugars range from 70-130 on a regular basis, my sites are staying
fit and I have scarring only from the old sets.  This is after 14 years.

Everyone is different and not everyone can expect this to happen.  If you
need to change sites every 2 days, do it.  But why remove the possiblity of
longer sites for everyone, which some people would really like due to
insertion problems?

One of the points of this list is to see the diversity of people pumping.
I don't think anyone who gets more than 2-3 days per set is advocating that
everyone do it.  I certainly am not, I am just pointing out that some of us
can do this, do do this, and are quite healthy and happy.

14 years of using my stomach, which is unfortunately still intact!

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