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[IP] Re: Gluco-Watch


When I participated in the study, we were unable to view the results of the
gluco-watch.  One watch tested twice per hour and the other watch tested
three times per hour.  Twice an hour we had our bg's tested with finger
pokes that were used to compare to the results of the gluco-watch.

At first, I could feel the gluco-watch as it tested.  It is hard to
describe, but it kind of "tingled."  After an hour or so, I couldn't feel it
anymore.  We were told that your nerves become less sensitive to it as time
goes on.  The gluco-watch was somewhat large, but the size didn't bother me.
We were required to be relatively still throughout the trial because sweat
interfered with the watch's accuracy.  I heard that in later studies the
participants were able to go home with the watches and wear them overnight.

I'd certainly give it a try when/if it becomes available.  I don't mind
finger pokes, but I'm hopeful that the gluco-watch would give a much better
indication of how my body reacts to different foods.  I'd also like the
alarm feature - especially for middle-of-the-night lows.


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