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[IP] in the lake Ed and Shirleen

this is from way long ago...but you know reading the digest can pile up on

Shirleen wrote:

> It's comforting to know that there are other people out there who also
> struggle with this.  

other people???  you make it sound like we are such a minority, when in fact
there are multiple millions of us, unfortunately...we ALL struggle...even
those perfect people who never go over 300  (darn them!!!)

For Ed, who originally posted about tossing the pump in the lake...you have
had the pump a while.  are you still logging all your sugars, boluses, meals
and basals>  I find when I get complacent, or lazy and stop doing this, I have
lots more wild swings.  It is time consuming and a pain in the a**, but try it
for a couple weeks before you toss the pump in the lake...

Shirleen wrote:
>  my b.s run high to get rid of the calories.  This is more than an
> thing for me, and although I know it's dangerous and stupid, I can't seem to
> stop.  

I used to do this too...it is VERY common in diabetic women...it may not be
medically proven, but i'd be willing to betcha that it is similar to anorexia.
We feel our lives are out of control...we can not control our eating, or our
sugars, but we CAN control rapid weight loss as long as we dont mind feeling
like crap...we eat and dont take insulin, we pee lots and lose weight.
Unfortunately, this does not work very well cuz if your body cant use the
sugar coursing though the blood for energy, it starts to burn ketones, which
is bad bad bad...despite what those hi-protein diet fruitcakes used to say
back inthe 70s.

If you go eat a sundae and dont bolus for it...yes your blood sugar will go up
and you may pee more as your body tries to flush those ketones out...but you
werent gonna gain even one measly pound from a little old sundae anyway!!!
You have to injest 3600 calories, without expending any to gain weight...so
all you get is to feel like crap, a little dehydrated, and an overwhelming
sense of frustration that you can't control youself, and the cycle contines.

DON' T beat yourself up for slipping up now and then...everyone does it, maybe
not everyone admits it.  Just get back on the horse...No sense telling
yourself OR LETTING OTHERS such as "medical professionals" that you are "BAD"
for one measly box of Oreos!!!  take the insulin...then go work out - but
please brush your teeth first!!  nothing grosser than seeing someone with
oreos in their teeth...yuck

If you are gaining weight on the pump, it is likely because you are eatig more
than your body needs.  Your blood sugars aside, if your body doenst need what
you have injested, it will be stored as fat, unlike in our pre-insulin
controlled lives when we could conveniently pee it out.  So Write down what
you are eating.  LIke me, you may be shocked at what you are putting in your
mouth, and maybe, like me, you will be too embarassed to let your doctor SEE
that you ate an entire bag of Fritos, so you won't eat the entire bag...then
again...maybe you will, but accept it, take the insulin and get on with the
next obstacle.

Shirleen:  get on the pump and get away from the Ultra lente that is causing
your lows.  You CAN control those lows, so you can work out so you can lose
weight!!  go for it!!!
> eat things I shouldn't when I feel angry - it's kind of like saying a big
> #$%@ - you to diabetes.

say it - we all do...but go for the pump...you will feel so much better!!!

> I hate this disease with a venegence that sometimes frightens me

Me too - we all do.  So fight it with FULL POWER!!!  throw all your ammo at it
with the pump!  test 10 times a day and YOU be the master...not the slave!!!
You tell your body what to do - give yourself that sense of POWER and contol
over the thing you hate so much!!!

Good luck

Sara, age 35, dxed age 10, pumping since 2/93 MM507
*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~[507]
which is my smiley that means....blood filled eye, cute smile (see photo),
droopy boobs, scar around my belly button and long tubing (this week) attached
to my 507
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