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Re: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days

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 Alcohol question.  The first time I put in a site my pump coach had me wipe
 the area with a alcohol pad.  Within 8 hours it was bothering me so much I
 to take it out.  I should mention it was a "Sof-set".  Well, anyway, the area
 immediately under the plactic wings had a blister (2 blisters) BIG.  Do you
 need to wipe the area with alcohol before you send in the site/needle?  The
 second site I put in I didn't use alcohol and everything looks great.
 Is it safe to put in a site without alcohol?  I figured I would just wash the
 area and go for it.
 Karen :)
 no karen you do not need alcohol ,it just dries out the skin.just wash and
make sure it dries thoroughly        Doreen-mom of 2
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