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Re: [IP] Re: Leaving sites in for more than 3 days


The time it can stay in really does vary from person to person.  I think
that people new to the pump should stick to the guidelines until they get a
good sense of what they are doing (IE be able to identify a site infection
and know how to deal with it), then start to experiment with duration.  But
most doctors I have talked to who know anything about pumps say that the
guidelines are mostly for the benefit of set manufacturer - the more we
use, the more money they make.  And they minimize risk to themselves by
being able to blame infections on user error.

BUT, some people do get a couple of days *maximum* from a set and they do
need to change them more often for good reason.  And the companies can't
really say "works for 4/6/10 days" when some people will not get 4/6/10
days and feel cheated, or worse, try to get their money's worth and end up
with a serious infection.  Where you fit in on this spectrum is something
you only can decide, based on how your sites work for you.

I rarely get problems and my regime is 2 syringe changes of 300 units
(about 10 days), then put in a new set.  That is my maximum, which I have
gone over but usually don't.  Keep in mind that I have been doing this for
years and took a while to find my limits!  For me, I know it is past time
to change the site when it gets itchy, it feels sore in any way, it feels
hot, it looks red or any colour aside from what it initially looked like,
when my blood sugars start doing weird, unexplainable things or basically
when I notice it.  I usually have to feel around to find my site but if I
am constantly aware of where it is, I usually know something is wrong with
it.  I also rarely feel pain on insertion, so your definition of
"noticeable" may differ from mine.

type 1, 19 years
pump, 14 years

>Hi,  Why do "they" tell you to change your site in 3 days if you can leave
>them in for 7 or 10?  How long do most of you "pumpers" leave your sites in?
>I don't want to be changing sites every 3 days if I really don't have too.

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