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Re: [IP] Emergency with Laura

<< Don't throw it away. Have whomever is supposed to rescue you go 
 through the whole procedure of giving the injection.
 Get out the kit,
 Read the directions,
 Mix the solution with the powder,
 Load the syringe 
 Give the shot to the Orange.

I CAN'T SECOND THIS ENOUGH............   A week ago last Saturday I was unable
to rouse Laura (our 8 year old daughter)  from sleep and checked her blood
sugar, it was 42.  I went to get juice  and suddenly my husband yells "why is
she starting to jerk?"  we realized quickly she was in a full grand mal
seizure and as it progressed her breathing became more and more labored until
finally it stopped entirely.  I TRYING to draw up the Glucagon and talk to 911
at the same time.  I was so panicked that I simply could not figure out how to
draw up the syringe.  Then when she quit breathing on us we completely lost
it.  Jim started mouth to mouth while I stood there crying and trying to
figure out how to give the damn glucagon.  After a minute of her not breathing
we started heart compressions and after a few she began to breath again.  The
dispatcher kept asking me if there was a pulse.  If there was, it was so faint
we could not feel it in our excitement.  The paramedics arrived in less than 4
minutes and immediately started a direct line into her veins and within a very
few minutes she was back to the 150 range.  

We we still don't know what happened exactly.  No one has been able to tell us
anything except that this is rare for a diabetic to quit breathing.
Unfortunately, I have lost all confidence and get almost sick at my stomach if
her blood sugar levels get anywhere below 100.  I can only hope this sickening
feeling will change with time.  

Laura did not immediately recover very well and was left with some slight
neurological damage to her right side.  However, she was checked this past
Friday and she has recovered fine and appears back to normal.  ( i only wish i
were back to normal)  

It was expained to me that possibly her bs level actually went much lower, the
liver released glycogen, and she was on her way back up when I caught her.
They also went onto say that the sugar levels to the brain on delayed and
possibly the brain was still on its way down when she seized even though the
actual blood sugar level was rising.

If anyone has any thoughts I would certainly any feedback on this.  


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