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Re: [IP] Diet Drink

I don't drink pop (soda) not nutritious..I drink spring water..no coliring, no
chemicals, no chlorine. one in a while I have a cup of decaf..
I don't like the taste of diet pop..For lows I have begun using Gummy
Bears..easy to carry with...

At 11:22 PM 2/14/99 , you wrote:
>Have all of you tried the Pepsi One?  what ya think?
>or whats your best drink?
>also... I have found a way to avoid lows at work finally.. i have been
>running low at about 4am when at work so i figured a way to avoid this.. i
>get one of those
>"just add hot water" hot chocolate packets and sip on that at about 3:30
>and NO MORE LOWS... he he
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