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[IP] It is working!

I am so excited...I have been under 200 since last Wed about 24 hrs after
meeting with the MiniMed Rep as she set me up with my pump!
I had been running in the 200's to almost 300. I had a few days of feeling
"funny" but that feeling is gone..I am feeling GOOD! My tiredness is going
away..my vision has become better...I was able to walk this week..
My arthritis symptoms have become less...I feel almost "normal" (whatever that
is these days).  If you remember I was directed by my doctor to switch to
MiniMed pump after 4 yrs on Disetronic. he wanted me to have the dual wave
bolus option and it WORKS! Yippeeee! I am so excited!..Tonight it is still
under 200...I have hope..I can stay healthy.
The only thing that is different is that I am using the dual wave bolus but
that is what I must have needed. I don't understand it all yet but I love my
pump I also am doing great of theSoftSet Ultimate and the inserter. The betn
enedles kept bleeding so maybe I wasn;t getting all my insulin,.I don't know
and I am not going to worry about it..I am so excited!
Ok..I have a question...do I have to have a safety loop in my infusion set?
Thank you All for your support and suggestions and encouragement..I am on my
way! Yipeeee!!!!
I feel Young again! 
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
email @ redacted
PS I did really good considering too that my Giant Schnauzer (9 yrs old) died
THurs from cancer..she was such a wonderful friend and my retired service dog.

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