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Re: [IP] diet control

In a message dated 99-02-14 17:36:44 EST, you write:

<< still looking for a good diet to loseweight and something that might
 my wanting carbs >>

Hi Jim

I cut back on my fat intake (to 42 grams or less per day -- on average. If I
want something fatty, like a 'burger and fries, I "save up" my fat grams for a
treat). When I'm eating less fatty foods, I'm also consuming fewer calories.
Also, I use my pump as a "diet-enforcer" by clicking to the screen that tells
me what my total intake for the day is. If it's getting close to a certain
point (like around 35 units for me), I cut way back on my carb intake. i.e.,
if I get hungry, I munch on sugar-free Popsickles or sip a huge cup of hot
tea. When I weighed in at the endo's last week, I was down 15 pounds from my
November visit.

Where do you live in West Virginia? I was born in Glasgow and raised in
Hurricane (both near Charleston). In Indiana now.

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