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Re: [IP] Re: less time on the pump?

Well said, Ruth!  I have been pumping for 14 years and have had little
problem with scar tissue, especially since the needle-less sets came out.
I do have scars from the early bent-needle sets that would move.  I usually
leave my Sofsets in for at least 6 days and generally longer (8-10 days).
The longest I left it is about 2 weeks and it came out infection-free and
didn't leave a mark. It was still absorbing insulin very well.  The places
I still can see marks are the ones that just didn't feel right but I left
in because I was too busy or was just trying to ignore it.  If you can feel
it and you keep noticing it, it probably should come out!


Ruth wrote:
>My experience has been and 2 doctors and one minimed rep have confirmed
>that there
>is absolutely no correct scientific amout of time for a set.  The
>"correct" amount
>of time is how long it can be cleanly left in with no rubbing, irritation,
>reaction to the insulin (a problem for humalog users).  Again, this may
>happen at
>any point between an hour and 10 days.  Bottom line is check it and if you can
>feel it it probably needs to come out ASAP.

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