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Re: [IP] Thigh Thing


Your post gave me a great idea.  Why not make a pocket that would fit the
pump with a flap that has a couple of button holes in it.  Then sew a few
buttons to the underside of your dresses and button the pocket to it?  Hmm!

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999 17:04:05 EST, email @ redacted wrote:

<<Lori and all other women,
After the thigh  thing failed on me, I decided to put pockets and a
buttonhole in dresses so I could wear dresses without problems. It has
worked really
well. If you sew at all, you could do it yourself. It does not matter too
much what it looks like since it is hidden.  Or else, if you can afford it,
you could take a dress to a dressmaker, but this could get expensive.>>

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